Jeff WallaceIn the spring of 1980, Jeff embarked on a fantastic quest to learn as much about God and His Word, the Bible, as he possibly could.  After over thirty years, he is still learning.  A scholarly man, Jeff loves sharing his findings so that others may be able to understand the Bible for themselves.

James "Jeff" Wallace was born in Jackson, MS, and is married with two grown children.  

In his younger years, Jeff was in the Boy Scouts and achieved Eagle Scout and Brotherhood Order of the Arrow awards.  He also lettered in tennis for four years at Clinton High School and graduated with honors in 1977.  He went on to study engineering at Mississippi State University in the late 1970's, Later on, he enrolled in The Way College in Indiana to study biblical research and leadership.

After getting his degree in theology, he served as a fulty member of the Kansas campus and as assistant dean of the campus in Colorado.

During his years of biblical study, Jeff continued in the building trades and was head of the historic restoration department of the Kansas campus.  

After many long, hard years, Jeff now owns Wallace Window Cleaning Co., which serves the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Jackson metro area, and parts of Louisiana and Alabama.

Since 1988, Jeff and his wife Clarice have opened their home to teach the bible, classses on ways to study the Bible, and have served anyone who asks for assistance in this facet of life.  As a non-denominational Christian, Jeff focuses on the Bible, the Word of God, rather than the teachings of any specific denomination.

Jeff Wallace FamilyJeff is also no stranger to politics.  Over the course of several years, Jeff has done extensive research in the Bible's role in the founding of the United States of America.  From studying the writings of well-known individuals who played a key role in the founding of our nation to the much lesser-known names that played a significant role as well (and sometimes just as important as the well-known names we all know).

Jeff has previously run for State Representative in South Mississippi and has helped numerous campaigns over the years.