In God We Trusted: First Edition


front ingodwetrustedThe US Supreme Court says that there needs to be a strict separation between church and state--but the Mississippi Constitution includes references to "Almighty God" and even asks for His blessing.  It also states that "the Holy Bible cannot be excluded from any public school in this state."

Author Jeff Wallace, a former Mississippi state representative candidate, explores the contradictions between his state's constitution and what the courts say about the separation of church and state.


By examining Mississippi's constitution, Wallace makes a case that an In God We Trusted philosophy cannot move us past turmoil and confusion.  Instead, it's time to return to "one nation under God."


This book is no longer in print, however there is a limited stock available for purchase.  If you wish to purchase one of the remaining copies, please contact Jeff

Back cover, In God We Trusted

In his analysis, he explores how


  • Litigation curbs free speech and belief;

  • widely different philosophies are pulling the nation apart;

  • politicians of the past provided a clear vision for the future; and

  • citizens can find common ground as we move into the future