In God We Trusted: Second Edition


igwt2e frontWe are told in today's America that it is unconstitutional for a 5th grader to pray over a peanut butter sandwich during lunch in a Mississippi public school cafeteria.  Yet the current Mississippi constitution states in its Bill of Rights that "the Holy Bible cannot be excluded from any public school in this state."

This second edition of the award winning book has an additional 75 footnotes.  Some of the questions this book answers are:

  • Why did the US Supreme Court unanimously cite the Mississippi constitution as precedent for education over 100 years ago and now says it is unconstitutional?
  • Why are we not allowed to be taught the truth of our nation's history?
  • Why is George Washington's Farewell Address no longer in our textbooks?
  • Why do the courts say we are a secular nation yet our Declaration of Independence declares that our American rights come from the Creator?
  • What, if any, role did the Holy Bible play in the framing of America's founding documents?